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Richer Life Counseling Las Vegas Marriage and Family Therapy

Richer Life Counseling Las Vegas Marriage and Family Therapy

Therapy is a personal process where you share your innermost problems with someone who you don’t know. Sharing your life story with all the ups and downs that come with it can be very scary. I hope that you will be able to see that seeking help from a therapist is just like seeing a doctor, nutritionist, optometrist, or any other professional. Marriage and Family Therapist training, and code of ethics, along with state licensing requirements help us make sure we deliver the best possible care to our clients. We have added extra information so that you can become more comfortable in therapy with us. Please read below and learn more about us.

About Us:Richer Life Counseling Therapist

Richer Life Counseling was founded by Tyler Rich. Tyler is a Student Intern with the University of Phoenix and plans to grow his practice with another therapist in the future.

About Us: Frequently Asked Questions

In therapy, you are asked to be open and honest with yourself, your family, and your therapist. At Richer Life Counseling, we believe that transparency with who we are. Please click the link to see frequently asked questions. We answer questions including session cost, and length.

About Us: Social Media Policy

Richer Life Counseling uses the latest in social media. Since therapy is such a privet matter, we hold to the strictest standers of confidence for our clients. Please read our Social Media Policy to understand how and why we do what we do.

About Us: Counseling Policy

Helping clients from appropriate boundaries in their life is something that we want to role model in our business policies. We list what we do and why we do it so if you chose to seek therapy from us, you understand what to expect.

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