Counseling Policy

Richer Life Counseling Policy

“I belive in being 100% transparent about what to expect in therapy, along with always letting our current clients, and future clients, along with anyone know about our counseling policies.” – Tyler Rich

Richer Life Counseling Las Vegas Marriage and Family Therapy  Counseling Policies.

Richer Life Counseling Las Vegas Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling Policies.

I started Richer Life Counseling Marriage and Family Thearpy in Las Vegas while I was am a Student Intern. One thing that I always found was missing on most website was openness about individual therapist/ counseling policy. I wanted to have this page to always update my current policies. If you have any questions about counseling, or our Counseling Policy please email

Informed Consent

To learn about the informed consent click here. Informed Consent is a basic review of what to expect in counseling, and will always list the current counseling policy. The informed consent will cover things such as cancellation, counseling session cost, and the limits to confidently.

Social Media Policy

To learn about the social media counseling policy click here. This counseling policy is review how Richer Life Counseling Marriage and Family Therapy deals with Social Media. This list what to in our interactions within Facebook, twitter, YouTube, and more. This is a guide to ensure that we always act as ethically as possible in our relationship with our clients.

Privacy Policy

To learn about our Privacy policy click here. Richer Life Counseling is a business that exist to help our clients achieve their goals, and increases happiness and functioning in their lives, we hope to help all our clients find mental serenity. As a business we do treat our office as a business, and use the latest in marketing trends, including email marketing.

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