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Is Counseling right for you? (Is it for me stuff)

Questions about real counseling sessions? (The what to expect stuff)

Questions About schooling, theoretical approaches? (The educational stuff)


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Marriage and Family Therapy FAQ About
Is Counseling right for you (Is it for me stuff)
Is Counseling right for you

Q: Do I really need counseling?

This is a huge question, and not easily answered. Going to a therapist can be a worthwhile, growing and stabilizing experience. Good for times when you have specific problem, interpersonal problem, or just feeling down. Therapy is a process of personal growth and can help with any issue you might have. If you a ready for a change, and want to start to jump-start change in your life counseling might be the best step for you. If you are ready to book a session click here.

Q: Does counseling really work?

The benefits of therapy have been demonstrated in many studies. If you want to read the entire review of a Consumer Reports Study by Martin Seligman please Click Here. It’s a long review, so here is a summary of the key findings about therapy effectiveness.

  • Psychotherapy produced positive effects in 92% of respondents.
  • The longer people stayed in therapy, the better their results.
  • People that were active in therapy did better than those that were passive. People that actively engaged by being open, asking questions, and following up did better.
  • For most psychological conditions, people in therapy alone did as well as people who had medication plus therapy.
  • Respondents who stayed in therapy only until insurance coverage allowed did worse than those who stayed until their concerns resolved.
  • Q:Is my information kept confidential?

    Yes everything you say is confidential. We strongly believe in confidentiality please read our Social media policy and or informed consent to learn more about our specific polices surrounding confidential or ask your therapist questions if you have concerns.

    However, there are some exceptions to the rule of confidentiality.
    By law I am required to report

  • Threats of harm to others
  • Threats of harm to oneself
  • Suspected child or elder abuse (past or present) – if you are a victim or perpetrator.
  • By court order

    Other exceptions include:

  • Per you signed release
  • I may discuss your case with supervisor or peer counselors to give excellence in the service I give and in accordance with accepted professional behavior.
  • In couples therapy I follow a no secrets policy when working with couples. This policy states that anything shared in I individual therapy can be brought up by the therapist at any time during a couple’s session.

    Richer Life Counseling
    Marriage and Family Therapy FAQ
    About actual counseling sessions
    (The what to expect stuff)

    Questions about Counseling session

    Q: What are the first 3 sessions like?

    This will give you an idea of what to expect. Some counselors have a clear plan, while others hear your story; some make Treatment Plans to help measure goals, while others don’t. Their approach should be similar to what you are looking for. One thing that all sessions have in common at the beginning is building trust, our therapist work hard to connect with you. The first few session is for us to get to know you, and you to get to know us.

    To read more about what to expected in your first session please this article on New to Counseling.

    Q: Do you take insurance?

    No. However to learn why, and how to receive insurance reimbursement please check out our therapy pricing page to understand the risk and benefits of using your insurances.

    Q: Do you do therapy via, email, phone, Skype?

    Yes. While we do all that we can to make sure confidently, email, phone and Skype are not security. While we can use email and phone to talk to you as a client the growth happens during sessions in person with your therapist. We can schedule a session over VSEE (like skype) but you must talk to your therapist about this during a face to face session. If you have any questions about confidently please ask your therapist.

    Q: Where are you located?

    9414 W Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89134

    Q:What are your hours?

    Currently our hours are

  • Sunday 7am – 8pm
  • Monday 7am – 8pm
  • Friday 7am – 8pm
  • Saturday 7am -8pm
  • Q: What are your fees? (How long are your sessions)

    Each session fee is $75 to $100, for a 50-minute session. The fee is the same price for individuals, couples, and families. To learn more about therapy pricing click here.

    Q: What Makes Therapy Successful?

    Short Answer – You.

    Not every person enters therapy for the same reason but setting goals, and working towards your goals is what a therapist will help you with. Therapy is a very personal step, and has helped many people along the way. Your success will fall on how open you are to the process, and if you are willing to look within and do the hard work to change. It is our belief that therapy will be successful if you and your therapist work together towards your goals.

    Richer Life Counseling
    Marriage and Family Therapy FAQ
    About Schooling and Theoretical Approaches
    (The educational stuff)

    ? About Schooling

    Q: What theoretical approach do you take?

    When you ask this question part of it is the actual theoretical approach. But really, you want a counselor that can translate complex psychological terms into everyday language. If they say that they do cognitive-behavioral therapy, that probably doesn’t mean much to you, so hopefully a counselor will explain that in everyday language.

    Most Marriage and Family therapist work on a system model. What that means we look at problems as a whole, using the context of you family, work, friends, and other influences on how we view problems.

    Q: How many sessions do most clients attend?

    Counselors usually have an idea of how long clients attend therapy with them. Depending on what you are looking for, this can be an important question to ask. This can also be one of your goals during therapy – set a goal of what you want to accomplish and work towards that goal.

    The most important thing is that you are comfortable with your counselor

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