Effects of Watching Pornography

Effects of Watching Pornography

This is not a blog post on the moral judgment of if pornography is good or bad. As a marriage, and family therapist I do my best to stay away from making moral judgments about anything specific. Becuase for me it is more important to ask the question what are the effects of watching pornography in your life?

How Pornography Effects You?

All research listed throughout this article can be found in the book Your Brain On Porn. You can Click Here to buy it on Amazon. You can also check out the website www.yourbrainonporn.com

First off pornography usage has changed drastically in the last 15 years. Before the high-speed internet, smartphones, and billions of pornography websites porn’s novelty would run out quickly. A new magazine once a month or a video would get old after viewing it a few times. Yet over the last 15 years, users now have access to more new content than ever before creating ever new novelty.

The Coolidge Effect – this is part of our mammal brain. When men get sexually aroused by new mates the brain release dopamine. Dopamine drives the good feelings and pushes men towards having sex. Yet once you have been with the same mate for a while the dopamine rush is lowered. But Coolidge Effect is an ancient biological program that can override your sluggish contentment after orgasm if there are new mates begging to be fertilized. So ever increasing porn images creates more and more dopamine rushes. Your brain is literally getting high ever time you view pornography.

  • 2014 the medical journal JAMA Psychiatry published a study showing that even in moderate porn users correlate with reduced gray matter and decreased sexual responsiveness.
  • Viewing porn correlates with depression, anxiety, stress and social functioning. As well as less sexual and relationship satisfaction and altered sexual tastes, poorer quality of life and healthy and real-life intimacy problems.
  • Porn usages can lead to a decreased interest in sex with real partners.
  • Porn usage can lead to delayed ejaculation or the inability to orgasm. These tend to be a predecessor of porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

Relationship Issues

Most women in long-term committed relationships have issues with pornography. You can read more about how porn hurts your partner by clicking here.

  • A 2007 study found mere exposure to porn images cause a man to devalue his real-life partner. Rating her lower not only in attractiveness but also warmth and intelligence.
  • After pornography consumption (both sexes) report less satisfaction with their intimate partner, including their partner’s affection, appearance, sexual curiosity, and performance.
  • Porn usage is correlated with an increasingly important to have sex without emotional involvement.

Throughout this article, I have focused on what the research has said. This is not about pornography addiction. If you find yourself have any of these issues because of viewing porn you can reverse any of these negative symptoms and start healing.

How To Start Healing

The road to healing from viewing pornography can be a long road. Because most men have been viewing pornography since about age 10. Step one in healing is to stop viewing pornography. If you view pornography often you might even have withdrawn symptoms. Contacting a therapist who has expanse working with pornography addiction can be helpful (even if you don’t have a pornography addiction).

Read about the dangers of pornography. I have put together a resource list for anyone struggling with porn. Click here to see books for anyone who is struggling and also books for their partners.

All link will take you to Amazon where you can buy the book
  • Your Brain on Porn – Learn about the studies cited in
    this article, and many other effects of porn on the brain.
  • Out of the Shadows – This books is all about sex addiction. Yet it can help anyone understand why they turn to pron to deal with uncomfortable emotions such as sadness, boarded, rejection and stress.
  • Every Mans Battle – A Christian based book on sexual temptation and how to overcome it.

Are you are struggling with pornography. Is it causing disconnection in your relationship? If you have tried to stop looking at it but keep coming back to it. It is time to seek out a therapist. If you live in the Las Vegas area and are struggling with pornography give us a call today or click here to get started. 

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