New To Counseling

New To Counseling
Here’s what to expect.

New to CounselingSometimes facing a problem or an issue can be difficult to solve alone. As the saying goes “Two heads are better than one” Therapy can be a solution to help keep a mental serenity into solving some of the issues and problems most people face today. We understand the nervousness that comes along with asking for help, so we try to be as transparent as possible throughout the process. Learn about the therapy process and see how therapy can help you today.

New To Counseling: Making the Appointment

You have taken the first step into reaching mental serenity by contacting Richer Life Counseling. Whatever life stressors that bring you in, we are here to help. Your phone calls & emails are very important to us, so we will do our very best to help you through the process of making an appointment on the first call. If you are unable to speak to someone on your first call, please leave a detailed message with your name, the best contact number and time to reach you. We will return your call or email within 24 hours.

Our phone consultation will include the reason you are seeking counseling, the confidentiality of treatment, cover the cost of the session, and schedule the best time to make an appointment.

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New To Counseling : Before your First Session

It doesn’t matter how you scheduled your first session (phone, email or online) once you are scheduled you will receive an email to log into our online client portal. This email will list the direction to our office, and what to do once you arrive in the office. Once you have logged into the confidential client portal, you will have access to the informed consent & the social media policy. These forms will help you understand the counseling process and will be covered during your first session. You then will be able to fill out a questionnaire that will help your therapist better understand what direction you would like to take during your first session.

The online client portal can be used to set up automatic (Text message, email or Voice message) reminder before your session. Along with being able to book future sessions, and also canceled sessions.

New To Counseling: Your First Session Expectations

Your first session (also known as an intake assessment) will last about 50 minutes.
In the first session, you will learn about the history and background of your therapist. Next, you will go over the paperwork that will explain how confidentiality works, cover the pricing per session and the policy on canceling a session.

The Therapist will start by asking about your life history. This is where the Therapist will gather information on what you share to understand better you and the reason you have come in for therapy. We strive to create a welcoming environment that focuses on creating a safe place for you to share your vulnerabilities and feelings when discussing your life. Keep in mind everything is strictly confidential and that you are your own life’s expert when sharing your history.

After your first session, most people will leave feeling relieved, horrified, peaceful, hopeful or any combination of these feelings. Expect to feel this way after each session. Therapy should bring you an experience unlike another. Although therapy can be powerful, but sometimes scary and intimidating at the same time, we are here to help you get through it one session at a time. Most people who experience therapy end up liking therapy and appreciating their time with their therapist. Therapy helps many people explore new ways to reach their mental serenity.

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