Richer Life Counseling Las Vegas Therapy Pricing

Therapy Pricing

The price per 45-50 minute therapy session is $75 to $100.

Therapy pricing for one hour sessions is a cost of $75

Therapy pricing for one hour and a half session (normally reserved for couples counseling) is a cost of $100

Discounted Session Price

Discount sessions rates are available for pre-payment of sessions and must be discussed during or before your first session with your therapist.

Discount priceing for pre-payment of 4 one hour session is $250.

Discount priceing for pre-payment of 4 one hour and a half session is $350.

Payments are due at the start of each session. Payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or cash.

Using Your HSA/FSA for therapy session

We accept payment from some Health Savings Accounts and Flex Savings Accounts if your account is available on a credit/debit card. We can also provide you a statement of services received that you can submit for reimbursement. It is recommended that you contact your benefits provider to make sure mental health is a covered service under your HSA/FSA plan.

Can I use insurance?

  • We do not at this time take insurance.
  • We do offer a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company.
  • You can check with your insurance plan about possible reimbursement for out of network services, and submit a superbill to them monthly. Please ask your therapist a the end of every month for a superbill.
  • Keep in mind that most insurance does not cover couples counseling (a “V code” diagnosis of relational distress). Please keep in mind that if you use your insurance for therapy, your insurance requires a medical diagnosis that becomes part of your medical record.
  • If one of you has a medical diagnosis (anxiety or depression, for example) AND therapy is aimed at treating that condition and enhanced by working with the partner, insurance may cover the services. In that case, we can provide the receipt you would need for out of network reimbursement for our work together. Please ask your therapist if you would like a receipt.
  • If your company requests more information than is provided on the receipt, we will provide a brief summary of treatment and an explanation of why further treatment would be beneficial; we will not provide a treatment plan or therapy notes. You retain ultimate responsibility for payment for services if your insurance company decides that this documentation does not meet their requirements for coverage of your treatment.
  • Do you offer reduced therapy pricing?


  • I maintain a limited number of appointments at a reduced rate for clients who meet the criteria for financial hardship.
  • If your household has an income less than $45,000 per year (adjusted upwards by $5000 per year per child in the household) AND you do not have insurance coverage that would reimburse you for counseling services, you may request the financial hardship rate ($40 for 50 minutes.)
  • These slots are given on a first come, first served basis and must be arranged in advance.
  • In order to serve the most clients possible, if you miss two appointments without prior arrangement, your financial hardship slot can be forfeited and given to someone else.

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