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Sexual addiction can destroy a relationship and drives feelings of loneliness, shame, and guilt.
Forty million adults in the united states admit to viewing pornography regularly, while 10% acknowledge that they cannot stop. You might be hiding your sexual or pornography addiction from your partner, or just discovered your partner’s addiction.

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What is Sexual Addiction or Pornography Addiction?

At Richer Life Counseling Las Vegas Marriage and Family Therapy, we view any compulsive behavior from substances such as alcohol, sugar, drugs, to process behavior such as gambling, pornography, shopping are all ways to numb out. When you enter into problematic behavior your brains get a rush of feel-good chemicals, and you start to crave these feeling over and over again. With time we need to have more and more of a substance to have the same feeling.

Sexual addiction, pornography addiction, can be use to numb out. Maybe you start thinking about your sexual behavior and you cannot stop thinking about it until you act out the behavior. Maybe you spend hours a day disconnected from your relationship looking for a sexual connection. Often pornography addiction or sexual addiction starts as a way for you to escape emotional problems in your life. It might feel like you cannot just stop your sexual behavior. That is because your brain has developed pathways of dealing with emotions through numbing out.

When using sex as a way to numb out you can lose the joy in the act, and start to feel loneliness, shame, and guilt. We help our clients stop the unwanted sexual behavior and learn to develop healthy sexual behavior. Our clients can learn to connect to each other and understand what drives their unwanted sexual behavior.

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What is Sexual addiction or Pornography Addiction Treatment?

Our client want to change or limit their sexual numbing behavior. Both pornography addiction treatment and sexual addiction treatment include learning what your triggers are, how to develop new daily active, understanding your own emotional cycle, and learning to connect in more personally meaningful ways. Our clients discover personal meaning in their own lives and learn how to connect in meaningful ways to friends, family, and intimate partners.

If your partner or you are struggling with unwanted sexual behavior, Richer Life Counseling Las Vegas Marriage and Family therapy can help. You can schedule a session here, or if you have specific questions you can Email Us Here.

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