Who Am I?

I am Tyler Rich. I have a passion to help change the world by helping strengthen families, and people work to find mental serenity. From the time I was in elementary school, I remember being the person that my friends would come to with their problems. Entering college at UNLV I felt I was called to the ministry, but after taking counseling course work I discover my passion for helping people through therapy. Earning my bachelor’s degree in Human Service Counseling. 

I have earned my Masters in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy. What that means is that I can work with anyone from individuals to couples, and families. 

How I View Change

My view of therapy (or theoretical model) is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I view problems as an issue in how we think about things. In therapy, I Focus on helping people realize how these negative or distorted thoughts can lead to negative behaviors. I focus on what my clients can control, and help them develop a toolkit so they can work through issues that they face.

Background Working with Clients

During my undergraduate studies, I interned at Clark County juvenile justice in the psychology department. While working on my masters I have worked in a dual-diagnosis long-term treatment center working with transitional aged youth, and conserve adults.




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