Podcast Episode 16: “4 Hoursman of the Relationship Apocalypse”

Episode 16 "4 Horseman of the Relationship Apocalypse"   Want to leave a question to be answered in a future podcast episode? Click the blue send a voicemail button to the right of the page. Check out our blogs on other topics by clicking the link below Anxiety Blog Couples Counseling Blog LGBT Blog Sexual Addiction Blog Check out our...[ read more ]

Podcast Episode 13: “Stopping The Drama Triangle”

Episode 13 "Stopping The Drama Triangle" Make sure you check out Episode 12 before listening to this episode. In this episode, we review stopping the drama triangle. We look at how each role can change slightly when it moves into a different role. We share strategies on how to spot your part of the drama triangle. Stopping the drama triangle starts with...[ read more ]

Podcast Episode 12: “What is the Drama Triangle?”

Episode 12 "What is the Drama Triangle?" The drama triangle is roles that we all play into that keep drama or AKA conflict going in our life. Next week I will be share more about each of these roles and how they change and how they can during a conflict. You can also read more about these roles by clicking...[ read more ]

Podcast Episode 11: “From Dyslexia to Master Degree”

Episode 11 "From Dyslexia to Master Degree" Learn more about Dyslexia by reading The Dyslexic Advantage: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain. CLICK HERE to get it on Amazon. Want to leave a question to be answered in a future podcast episode? Click the blue send a voicemail button to the right of the page. Check out our blogs on...[ read more ]

Podcast Episode 10: “How to Protect Your Kids from Porn”

Episode 10 "How to Protect Your Kids from Porn"   How to Protect Your Kids From Porn   Click Here for the link to the blog post that this episode is based on. Protecting your kids from Porn must include Communication and Insulation. Check out the Ted Talk by Brené Brown on Shame. You can also CLICK HERE for a...[ read more ]

Podcast Episode 9: “5 Rules to Keep A Happy Healthy Relationship”

Episode 9 "5 Rules to Keep A Happy Healthy Relationship"   5 Rules To Keep A Happy Healthy Relationship Create Rituals Daily Check-In Turn Towards Your Partner Develop Fighting Rules Build A Couple Bubble   References CLICK HERE for my review of Dr. Gottman’s book, and a link to other Gottman resources. You can check out Stan Tatkin’s Book Wired For...[ read more ]

Podcast Episode 8: “Valentine’s Day 2017 – What Makes a Marriage Last”

Episode 8 "Valentine's Day 2017 - What Makes a Marriage Last"   What Makes Marriages Last? Click here for The Science of Marriage Time Magazine. I am Amazon affiliate and I will receive a small commission if you choose to get than anything at no cost to you. Date for a while Emory university research studied 3,000 married couples in...[ read more ]

Podcast Episode 7: “10 More Common Myths About Counseling”

Episode 7 10 More Common Myths about Counseling     Myths about Counseling Myth 1  – Therapy Takes Years Myth 2  – Therapist will just blame all your problems on your parents or your childhood experiences Myth 3 – If I go they will just put me on medication Myth 4 – If a man goes to marriage counseling the therapist will...[ read more ]

Podcast Episode 6: “Porn Addiction with Richard Vande Voort”

Episode 6 "Porn Addiction with Richard Vande Voort"   Porn Addiction Porn has increased over the last ten years. Click here to learn about what happens to your brain when you look at porn. Porn is connected to emotional issues Van say’s porn usage can destroy relationship If you are looking for help outside of the Las Vegas area, check out...[ read more ]

Podcast Episode 5: “Tips for Relationships with Richard Vande Voort”

Episode 5 "Tips for Relationships with Richard Vande Voort"     Van’s Perspective On Relationships Van has been a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 30 years. He is a supervisor and helps train new therapist, along with teaching at UNLV. Van stated that if couples can apply these 4 themes to their relationship they will have a solid footing...[ read more ]

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