What is Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction

What is Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction I asked and answered the question in an early post what is sex addiction real. You can read more about the AASECT statement on sex addiction by reading my early post. Today I am asking the questions (and hopefully answering it) what is sex addiction and porn addiction? Organizations like AA and NA...[ read more ]

What To Expect During Therapy

What to expect during therapy. If you have never gone to therapy before you might only be expecting to have the therapist ask you to lay down on the couch and start talking. TV and movies do a poor job of showing what happens inside a therapy session. I hope to answer some common questions and provide insight into what to...[ read more ]

The Problem Pyramid

The Problem Pyramid Therapists spend years in college learning about family systems, theories on change and how problems develop over time. We take tests, write papers on everything we learn. Some of us believe that problem stems from childhood issues, other believe our problems are just unhealthy behaviors that can be changed. Still, others believe that it has to do...[ read more ]

Is Sex Addiction Real?

Is Sex Addiction Real? Before we ask the question of is sex addiction real, we need to be clear on what we are talking about when we say sexual addiction. First, let us look at people as a whole and how we deal with uncomfortable emotions. Keeping it really basic I would say that we handle uncomfortable emotions like sadness,...[ read more ]

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