The Difference between Sexual harassment, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Addiction

            I am writing this blog post at the start of December 2017, while I normally write blogs early much like this one. I am expressing the date because between the day I write this and its publishing who knows who might be the next person discovered with sexual behavior issues. I use the word...[ read more ]

Books on Sexual Addiction and Porn Addiction

If you or your partner is struggling with porn addiction or sexual compulsion (sexual addiction) it can be overwhelming on what to do. Please check out my blog post on these topics and make sure you read Is Sex Addiction Real. Below is a list of books that can help anyone struggling with pornography addiction or sexual compulsive behaviors. Below...[ read more ]

Types of Counseling Therapy

Types of Psychotherapy What is the difference between counseling and therapy? It is confusing for me to know the difference between the types of counseling, therapy and then add in psychotherapy, it is enough to make my head hurt. I hope to clarify the difference. In researching about this I found that first, you need to understand the type of mental...[ read more ]

Effects of Watching Pornography

Effects of Watching Pornography This is not a blog post on the moral judgment of if pornography is good or bad. As a marriage, and family therapist I do my best to stay away from making moral judgments about anything specific. Becuase for me it is more important to ask the question what are the effects of watching pornography in...[ read more ]

How To Protect Your Kids From Pornography

How To Protect Your Kids From Pornography One aspect of becoming a parent is learning how to protect your kids from whatever comes their way. Within today's changing technological world it can be hard to keep up with how to keep your kids safe. Today I am going to share some common aspects of how to protect your kids from...[ read more ]

Does Looking At Porn Hurt My Wife

The couple sitting across from me in couples counseling looks distraught. The women's crying and talking about feeling betrayed at her discovery. The man is looking numb. He knows if he say's you shouldn't be upset it's no big deal one more time she is going to leave him. He does not understand what the big deal is, everyone does...[ read more ]

10 Common Myths about Counseling

10 Common Myths about Counseling Is there a stigma to going to counseling, maybe but not for those who start. For those of you who are thinking about attending counseling for the first time, and feel there is a stigma if you do go to counseling, this blog post is for you. These common myths about counseling can be summed up...[ read more ]

What is Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction

What is Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction I asked and answered the question in an early post what is sex addiction real. You can read more about the AASECT statement on sex addiction by reading my early post. Today I am asking the questions (and hopefully answering it) what is sex addiction and porn addiction? Organizations like AA and NA...[ read more ]

What To Expect During Therapy

What to expect during therapy. If you have never gone to therapy before you might only be expecting to have the therapist ask you to lay down on the couch and start talking. TV and movies do a poor job of showing what happens inside a therapy session. I hope to answer some common questions and provide insight into what to...[ read more ]

The Problem Pyramid

The Problem Pyramid Therapists spend years in college learning about family systems, theories on change and how problems develop over time. We take tests, write papers on everything we learn. Some of us believe that problem stems from childhood issues, other believe our problems are just unhealthy behaviors that can be changed. Still, others believe that it has to do...[ read more ]

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