Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling


Feeling disconnected, or thinking your partner just doesn’t listen to you. Life stress, different works schedules, money, parenting, are just some of the things that can distract couples from being the best possible couple. From finding out about your partner’s pornography use to a possible affair, couples counseling can be helpful in learning how to reconnect and heal the wounds inflicted by our partner.

We work to help you restore the relationship helping both partners find fulfillment and happiness. From dealing with codependency, addictions, affairs, and distance from each other. We help couples find an emotional connection and heal the wounds they have developed. Our clients learn new skills in communication and learn how to emotionally connect to each other. Wounds don’t heal overnight however through couples counseling reconnection and healing happens.


Below is a list of common problems that Richer Life Counseling treats:

Couples Counseling: Premarital Counseling

Congratulations you have decided to make a deeper commitment with your partner. Pre-martial counseling will help you take the first step in creating a solid foundation in marriage. Our pre-marriage counseling focuses on learning common areas of understanding, improving commutation skills, and improving conflict resolution skills. Learning how to talk about hot button issues like financial management, religion, how to raise the kids, and learn how to deal with unsolvable problems. Out clients learn what it takes to have a happy, healthy, thriving marriage.

Pre-marital counseling can consist of 1 to 8 session with an individual therapist, or you can attend one of our workshops for pre-marital counseling.

Couples Counseling: Anxiety

If you have anxiety you might worry that you are too needy in your relationship. Maybe your anxiety and negative thoughts pressure you to become overly needy and it is causing stress in your relationship. You or your partner’s worry in your relationship might be seen as jealousy, suspicion, and insecurity. From overwhelming fears of abandonment, worry your partner is cheating on your, to agonizing over the thought of a breakup. These thoughts can happen even if your partner has not given you any reason to think that way.

If you have anxiety you might want a great deal of reassurance, and that can drain your partner and add more stress to the relationship. Maybe you recognize your behavior and start talking negatively to yourself about your behavior. Saying things like Your so stupid… why are you doing that…. All of this thinking might end in feelings of helplessness.

Sometimes anxiety in a relationship can feel like pushing and pulling. From over analyzing every detail to questions if you should be in a relationship at all. Anxiety one partner might feel can be very emotionally draining on both partners.

Our couples counseling in dealing with anxiety issues will help clients learn how anxiety creates negative cycles within the relationship. Our clients learn how to sooth feeling of anxiety, both individually and as a couple.

Couples Counseling: Poor Communication, Fighting, and Conflict

The number of issues I hear from all my couples during couples therapy is we need to improve our communication skill. Common communication issues can include going on and on in a fight where both partners are emotionally flooded. This is where you are raising your voices, repeating the same thing over and over and things like compromising, negotiation, and problems solving become impossible.

We work with our clients and use emotionally focused therapy (EFT) and the Gottman Method (Learn more about them below). Both help clients learn new patterns of communication and can learn what their negative cycles are. We help clients find ways to change their negative cycle and develop ways to foster safety, nurturing, and build closeness with each other.

Couples Counseling: Codependency

You or your partner might feel codependent. You might look for anything outside of yourself to try to feel better. Maybe you have a hard time being yourself, or you have developed a way to numb your feelings. If you see yourself as someone who is codependent you want to take care of someone who is difficult, but in caretaking for them, it becomes compulsive and defeating. You might feel like a martyr or rescuer. If you have done this for a while you might feel a reward from being needed, and when you are not needed you feel lost, alone, helpless.

Our clients who display codependency learn the patterns of their behavior, and how rescuing others sometimes has the opposite effect of what they want. We help our clients learn to set boundaries and break free of the drama of codependency.

Couples Counseling: Affairs and Infidelities

Many couples that enter therapy after the discovery of an affair, or what is considered an affair to one partner. No matter what happened the relationship has experienced a breach of trust. Wounds from infidelities create distrust and distance, couples can heal and become closer than before. We help both partners look within themselves and start to help them foster what they emotional need from each other. Both partners learn how to communicate in a more loving, safe way. Our clients learn how to handle the inevitable triggers that occur and help foster healthy ways to handle the pain by joint togeather. This can create a lasting, fulfilled, richer relationship.

Couples Counseling: Sexual Addiction & Poronography Addiction

Affairs, infidelities created a breach of trust. While human sexually is as varied and diverse, some sexual acts drive disconnection from the partner you wish to connect with. Maybe your belief system is in direct conflict with your sexual behavior. Or the discovery of pornography has created a deep divide within the relationship.

Our clients learn how their sexual behavior developed and the apply the tools to stop the unwanted sexual behavior. Our clients learn how to reconnect with each other in a healthy way, developing improved commutation and learn to meet each other’s emotional needs.

Couples Counseling: Addictions and Relationships

Any compulsive behavior from substances such as alcohol, sugar, drugs, to process behavior such as gambling, pornography, shopping are ways to numb out. When you enter into problematic behavior your brains get a rush of feel-good chemicals, and we start to crave these feeling over and over again. With time we need to have more and more of a substance to have the same feeling.

In couples counseling, we help our clients learn how to change their numbing behaviors. Out clients learn to deal with emotions that they normally would like to numb. As the relationship learns about how the numb behaviors worked for them, they learn new behaviors that foster connection. Our clients learn how to express their emotions, and meet each other’s needs.

Couples Counseling: Non-Traditional Relationship

Non-Traditional relationships can include anything outside of the homo narrative norms of our Judeo/ Christian society. We work with a number of Non-Traditional couples including LGBT couples counseling, kink couples counseling (such as BDSM) and offer polyamorous relationship therapy.

Effectiveness of Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling can help you reconnect and develop the skills to foster a successful relationship. Couples therapy can also help each individual see that they no longer want to be in the relationship but the skills learned during counseling and can make ending the relationship less painful for both.


At Richer Life Counseling, we use two approaches in working with couples:

Emotional Focused Therapy

EFT works by helping couples learn, and change their own emotional responses to things. Couples learn how to spot their emotional cycles and gain greater understand of each other. Learn how to create new cycles of interaction with each other. When couples use EFT within couples counseling 90% report significant improvements in the relationship. 70 to 75% of couples who are in distress are able to use EFT process to help reconnect emotionally.

Gottman Method

While EFT focuses on how couples can reenact emotionally. Dr. John Gottman has spent 30 years researching what works and does not work in a relationship. Using his sound house theory, couples can learn how to soften negative interaction, and work towards developing a connection. The Gottman therapy focuses on developing connections and gives specific behaviors that help couples improve their relationships.

In couples therapy, we help couples learn new behaviors that can drive reconnection, and help teach them how to reconnect. To start your journey of reconnection contact us today to Schedule Your First Session .

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