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An intensive Outpatient Sexual &

Pornography Addiction Treatment Program

How did you end up here?? Are you looking for therapy for out of control sexual behavior? What would people think if they knew you were looking for help with these problems. Maybe you are looking because your partner is ready to leave you if something doesn’t change and change fast. Perhaps you are looking to help your partner who doesn’t seem to want to stop or even worse know how to stop.

What is Porn Addiction

Unwanted sexual compulsive behavior is different from person to person. You or a loved one might find yourself spending hours a day looking at pornographic images and videos online. Possible even masturbating to injury, or saving image after image to your computer. You have been looking at porn so long that you find yourself looking at more and more extra material. Each time you use porn to escape you feel worse after you are done looking at it, then you did at the start.

What is Sex Addiction

Maybe porn addiction was not your thing, or you have moved on to a sex addiction. Sexual compulsive behaviors could include using apps like tinder, grinder to meet up with people for random anonymous sex. Maybe you have sexual contact that you hide from your partner? Maybe you keep using a website like craigslist or back-page to find your next sexual partner. Visiting sex works, massage parlors and possibly sleeping with someone you are not attracted to so that you can have sex. Even sleeping with someone of the same sex even if you do not consider yourself homosexual. No matter what your behavior is, you find yourself feeling suck in doing the same sexual behavior time and time again. Feeling out of control, shameful, guilt and not knowing how to stop even though you want to.

What our porn addict and sex addict clients share during recovery.

Most if not all of our clients tell us that they started using porn or sex at such an early age is something that has been with them for a long time. They struggle with connect their behaviors to their moral code. They are about to lose their jobs, marriages and family do to their out of control sexual behavior. Many of our clients struggle with other types of addiction from alcohol to gambling, overworking, or out of control eating. Our clients sought out recovery because they feel out of control and are tired of feeling numb to the world around them.

Many of our clients state they want to stop their sexual addiction or porn addiction yet they have not been able to. They want to repair the hurt and mistrust that has affected their marriages. Longing to reconnect and be seen for who they are.

Richer Life Recovery offers help to both sexual addict and their betrayed partners.

Our 12-month intensive outpatient consisting of ongoing group therapy, an introductory course, and four large group psychoeducational meetings to help jumpstart the healing. We focus on helping addicts and their partners find hope, healing and lasting recovery from unwanted sexually compulsive behaviors. We focus on helping you in recovery by concentrate on both the addict and the betrayed partner. Couples heal from the relationship trauma and our program help facilitate the rebuilding of intimacy and trust.

Clients who finish our program will learn about nature of addiction. Breakthrough denial and repression of unhealthy sexual behavior. Build trust, empathy and a healthy lifestyle. By dealing with underlying emotions such as shame, guilt, anger. A relationship will improve by setting healthy boundaries and learning your own attachment needs. Healing relationship trauma and hurts take time however our clients learn to heal.

Common reasons why sexual addicts and porn addicts don’t seek treatment.

Maybe you see yourself in some of the statement above but are not ready to call yourself a sex addict or porn addict. That is ok. We are not a 12 step program and do not think labeling yourself an addict is necessary for recovery. What our clients do learn is to label their behaviors as destructive to what they want out of life. They are not addicts, but they have addict behavior.

The 12-month program will take too long. Our program is devised to be intensive and help jumpstart your recovery. If you are ready for a change, you are making the decisions to live a different life, and that has no timetable. Clients who are ready for profound change are the ones who are prepared to commit to long-term recovery. That means committing to a program to help you facilitate that change.

Group therapy is not for me, what if I run into someone I know. Part of recovery is learning to address the nature of addiction which is isolation. In group therapy, you learn to connect to others who are struggling with the same issues you are. You learn to connect in new ways. Our group are lead by a therapist and come with high levels of confidently.

If you are still unsure about starting a 12-month  intensive outpatient program you can click here to learn about the benefits of individual therapy.  

Start Healing Today

You do not have to keep living your secretive life, of hiding and lie about your sexual addiction or porn addiction. You can heal for your self and your relationship right now. No matter if you are single, dating or married our program is made for you. Give us a call for a $25 intake session to see if you are a good fit for our recovery program. No matter if you decide to join our intensive outpatient program, we will make sure you leave with a plan to start living the life you want to live. Our goal is to have you live a richer more fulfilled life.

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