Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety Treatment


Do you feel apprehensive when you go out in public or are around crowds? Maybe you feel restless at night and your mind does not shut down? Are you overly concerned with what your partner, friends or co-workers? Do you get fidgety, jittery, shaky? At Richer Life Counseling we offer anxiety therapy to help clients learn to manage these feelings.

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety differs in many different ways. Anxiety is not just feeling nervousness or stressed. You might find yourself compulsively worrying, having irrational fears, having a hard time in social settings. Anxiety symptoms can affect you both physically and mentally. Some symptoms that you might have could include:


  • Feelings restless
  • Feelings of irritation
  • Feelings of being out of control
  • Having low energy levels, such as fatigue, lethargy
  • Having tense muscle, especially on the back, neck, and shoulders,
  • Trouble concentrating and focusing on tasks or actives
  • Having negative thoughts


If you have any of these anxiety type symptoms and you feel that your anxiety is causing a problem in your life it may be helpful to seek out therapy.

How Does Anxiety Affect Your Relationship?

Have you thought anxiety is running my relationship, marriage or friendships? Have you thought about your partner, “my partner anxiety is running our relationship?” Anxiety can feel like it keeps you from connecting with yourself, your partner and friends. You might be worried all the time about the status of the relationship, or worried about what your partner is doing. Maybe you feel codependent.

Social Phobia

Everyone has some degree of social phobia (irrational fear of social situations) from feelings of shyness in public speaking to feeling uncomfortable in a new setting. Social phobia is when the shyness is so intent the idea of talking to strangers, authority figure and maybe even your friends create’s noticeable anxiety and fear.

How Anxiety Therapy Can Help:

Anxiety can interfere with relationships, sleep, eating habits, work school and routine activities. In a short time, we can help our clients eliminate symptoms associated with anxiety and return to normal activities with a new sense of control.

When we work with clients our first goal is to help lower the severity of your anxiety symptoms. This can be used doing a number of things including learning new ways to change your thoughts, daily exercise, limiting coffee (or caffeine), and figuring out your anxiety triggers. Our anxiety therapy focuses on using researched based therapy (cognitive behavior therapy) to help learn to change some of the negative thoughts that lead to your anxiety symptoms. Our clients learn to understand the causes of their anxiety and learn the skills to not let their anxiety control them.

If you are ready to make changes in your life and start your joinery in controlling your anxiety click here to schedule a session to start anxiety therapy.

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