Book Review of Ten Lessons To Transform Your Marriage

Book Review of 10 Lessons To Transform Your Marriage I love reading books that help inspire me, challenge me and change me. I struggle to find books that are helpful and not just the feel-good self-help type of book. Working with my clients I will recommend books that offer more than just a feel-good solution. That is why I do...[ read more ]

15 Common Relationship Problems Couples Counseling Can Help With

15 Common Relationship Problems Couples Therapy Can Help With.     Seeking out relationship therapy can be scary and feel like your relationship is doomed. When I work with couples in couples counseling, I notice trends that I see in my own marriage and in almost all the couples I work with. Common relationship problems seem to be in all...[ read more ]

What To Expect During Therapy

What to expect during therapy. If you have never gone to therapy before you might only be expecting to have the therapist ask you to lay down on the couch and start talking. TV and movies do a poor job of showing what happens inside a therapy session. I hope to answer some common questions and provide insight into what to...[ read more ]

The Problem Pyramid

The Problem Pyramid Therapists spend years in college learning about family systems, theories on change and how problems develop over time. We take tests, write papers on everything we learn. Some of us believe that problem stems from childhood issues, other believe our problems are just unhealthy behaviors that can be changed. Still, others believe that it has to do...[ read more ]

Common Reasons People Go to Therapy

Common Reasons People Go to Therapy You might be thinking that you need counseling or someone you know needs counseling. When talking about Counseling or Therapy (there is a slight difference, and you can read about it here), I mean the same thing. While counseling is becoming more acceptable within our culture some myth still exist. Like counseling is for...[ read more ]

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